STonX Screenshots

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[Alexs' screenshot]

Here are the screenshots published in Atari World: color (showing GRAV2) and monochrome (using the Xlib-VDI driver) modes.

Here is a new screenshot (64KB .gif) showing the colour VDI mode (800x608x16) with STonX running on an Alpha clone with a Sun IPC as X display. The values are "real" timings, since the Timer C is running at 200Hz (as it has done since STonX 0.5.3 or so).

This screenshot shows how fast STonX runs on a 366MHz 21164 based Alpha workstation running Red Hat Linux 4.1.

This shows how far Alex has got trying to run his "amazing" demo. It works with a two byte patch but requires support for HBL interrupts and border busting to look nice.