STonX download page

Release versions

The current release version of STonX is:

All other versions since 0.6.7-epsilon are available from the STonX development project pages.

Older versions of STonX (like 0.6.5) are available from Marinos Yannikos original STonX page at:

CVS versions

Bleeding edge builds are available via CVS, too.

You can also download a snapshot of the CVS tips from here.

And you can even get a copy of the CVS archive (usefull if you cannot access it directly with the cvs program due to a firewall).


There is an old adaption of STonX for DOS available, too. Dirk Jansen once used STonX-0.6.7-epsilon to create this conversion. If you want to recompile the source code of STonX-DOS, you need the DJGPP C compiler. However, this version of STonX isn't supported at all by the STonX development team at SourceForge, so use it at your own risk!

STonX for the Amiga

STonX has been also adapted to the Amiga. You can download it from Aminet or view the README file of this package.