STonX documentation

Not much available yet, sorry! Some day, we might write something useful, but we'd rather work on the code instead...
There's some more information in the actual source package (see the download section), if you haven't got it yet, you should start there.

If you have major problems or want to help developing STonX, you should perhaps consider joining the STonX mailing list.


There are still quite a few of them. Some of the more annoying ones are:

Most other problems are due to missing features. The warnings about missing or unknown keysyms can be eliminated by fixing the "Keysyms" file to work with your display.


STonX has been originally written by Marinos "Nino" Yannikos and Martin D. Griffiths.
Since the beginning of 2001, STonX is developed by a new team.

This team mainly consists of (random order):

The following people are some of those who contributed to the STonX project (random order):

(and several other people I forgot or neglected ;-))

Thanks! Without you, STonX would be much further from where it should be by now! :-)

And also thanks to the stonx-development Mailing list for their interesting and inspirering discussions.